SA:BU SKINCARE Hair Removal Depilatory Bar REVIEW

Sa:Bu skincare depilatory bar and razor

SA:BU SKINCARE Hair Removal Depilatory Bar REVIEW

sa:bu skincare depilatory bar

I was a bit apprehensive about trying this product. I’ve tried numerous hair removal techniques before, waxing, epilating, shaving, hair removal creams and the like, but I’ve never heard of this sort of product until Facebook Ad popped up for the Sa:Bu Skincare Depilatory Bar. I thought it would be something worth giving a go so ordered one directly through the Facebook link. I’ve never ordered anything from a Facebook Ad before (I may be a bit Ad paranoid about scams), but it arrived a week later and only cost £8 with free delivery (usually £15.99).  They we’re also running a Buy One Get One Free promotion but I erred on the side of caution and stuck with just the one bar. I’m sure I’m not the only one that has been stung by promotional deals only to find that the product definitely wasn’t worth having more than one of. So, I’ll tell you my experiences with the Sa:Bu Skincare Depilatory Bar, and whether I think it’s worth buying one (or more) of.

The Packaging.

Discreet isn’t a word I’d use for the packaging. As you can see in the pictures it leaves very little to the imagination. Hopefully my postman isn’t particularly eagle eyed. He doesn’t need to know about my hair removal techniques. Despite that, it was packaged nicely in a brown paper envelope with a simple logo. The directions are printed on the back and are very clear. I was a bit disappointed* that it says to shave/wax/exfoliate as normal and that multiple uses may be required, as I was hoping for a quick 5 minute hair free result, but Rome wasn’t built in a day, so off I went to the shower to give it a go.

* also I clearly can’t read because on the website it very clearly says…


The Depilatory Bar.

Sa:bu skincare depilatory bar

The Sa:Bu skincare Depilatory bar itself is a fairly small oval shape. It’s only 25-30g in weight and easily fits in the palm of my hand. It feels quite waxy and I could feel a residue on my hand after holding it. The packaging recommends keeping it in the fridge and I can only assume that this is the reason why (it probably doesn’t help that it’s a scorcher of a day today).
On the website it claims to be ‘Lavender and Lemon’ but on first impressions it did not smell like that at all. It smelt of hair removal cream, which isn’t exactly the most pleasant smell going. That being said, it smells no worse than other products on the market, and possibly a bit less pungent than your regular Veet.

The Application.

sa:bu skincare depilatory bar

Umm, well, it didn’t smell any more of Lavender and Lemon when wet than it did when it was dry. It did smell like food, but that food was Egg. The entire downstairs of my house smelt like Egg. Not quite as wholesome and relaxing as Lavender and Lemon, but there you go. The lather seemed to disappear within seconds so I had to go over my legs a few times. It was fairly nice to apply, just like a regular soap really.

The Results.

before 12after 12

The pictures aren’t particularly clear but I think you can get the gist. It did NOTHING. Absolutely nothing. I was prepared for this (as I clearly found out the hard way further up in this post) but what I wasn’t prepared for was it tarnishing my silver Pandora ring! What is IN this depilatory bar?! I’ll give it another go, maybe another two goes to see if it has any more of an effect.


If you want to try it for yourself you can buy it Here.  And as a sidenote – does anyone know how to fix a tarnished ring…? IMG_6783

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