I was very kindly sent two of the SJ WORKS First Aid Kits to review.  As a mother of three, the likelihood of someone hurting themselves when we venture out the house is fairly high, especially when you throw things like bikes and scooters in the mix. So I was very happy when Joan from SJ Works offered me the chance to review these first aid kids. The package contained one small First Aid Kit and one Bicycle First Aid Kit.

All Purpose First Aid Kit.

SJ WORKS all purpose first aid kit

This one is right up my street. It’s small enough to chuck in to your handbag or rucksack (it’s about the size of my hand), it has a carry handle and a waterproof case and it contains a decent amount of first aid supplies. My absolute favourite addition is the First Aid guide inside. It’s all well and good having google on your phone, but what if you have no battery, or (horror of horrors!) no signal! Having a paper copy of a First Aid Guide is something that would never have occurred to me, but it is such a brilliant idea.

This kit contains:

– Lots of plasters.
– 1 x Emergency First Aid guide.

SJ WORKS all purpose first aid kit

SJ WORKS all purpose first aid kit

– 1 x Bandage.
– 1 Pair of sterile gloves.
– 6 Antiseptic wipes.
– 2 x Sterile pads.
– 2 x Non woven sterile sponges.
– 1 x Roll of tape.

Bicycle First Aid Kit. RRP £40.


This First Aid Kit is a bit bigger and better stocked. It comes in a lovely soft square bag with the reflective SJ Works Logo along the sides (great for bicycles of course!). It has a waterproof phone holder on the top as you can see here,


which is big enough for any type of phone. Unless there’s a new fangled mega phone (ha) that has been released recently. I wouldn’t know. I’m still using an old Iphone 6s. The best bit about the phone holder is the headphone hole! You can attach your headphones to your phone, feed them out through the hole at the back using the INCLUDED headphone extension lead! It’s a brilliant bit of design!

SJ WORKS bicycle first aid kit

The First Aid Kit attaches to the frame of your bike using strong velcro straps so there’s no chance of it flinging off anywhere, and also no need for you to carry a bag if you don’t want or need to. My favourite things about this Kit are the reflective sides, the reflective snap band that comes inside and of course, the headphone hole and cable. I also love that it comes with an emergency bike light. It’s covered a lot of  bases in a really small, well designed, quality kit.

This kit contains:

— Emergency bike light WITHOUT battery

SJ WORKS bicycle first aid kit
—1pcs Empty bag for smartphone solution
—1pc American Red Cross First Aid Guide
—6pcs Antiseptic Towelettes
—5pcs Easy Access Bandage 3*1″
—5pcs Easy Access Bandage 3/4*3″
—5pcs Junior Easy Access Bandage 3/8×1.5″
—5pcs Butterfly Wound Closures
—2pcs Sterile Non-Adherent Pads 2″x3″
—2pcs Sterile Non-woven sponges2″x2″2pcs/pk 4ply

SJ WORKS bicycle first aid kit
—1pc Sterile Eye Pad
—1pc Pressure Bandages 2″x2″
—1pc Pressure Bandages 3″x3″
—1pc Triangular Bandage 42″x42″x59″ nonwoven
—1pc First Aid Tape Roll 1/2″x10yds.
—1pc Emergency Blanket 38″x60″
—1pc 3.5mm Headphone Extention Cord M/F
—1pc SJ Works Reflect strip
—1pc Security Seal
—1pc Outside cover box

If you’re an outdoorsy family, or even if you just want a small First Aid Kit to pop in to your bag for days out, SJ Works has you covered. The kits are really well made, they have a fantastic range of medical supplies and the Bicycle Kit in particular is perfect for just strapping on and going, giving you the peace of mind that you have everything should an emergency arise.

The SJ Works First Aid Essentials Kits can be bought on Amazon Here. The Bicycle Kit is currently on sale at £33.

You can find Sj Works at
Twitter @WorksSj
Instagram sjworks1369
Youtube SJ WORKS


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I'm Jazmin. I'm 28 and a stay at home mum to three children. You can find me on Instagram & Facebook @thefamilyfavourites and Twitter @thefamilyfaves. I hope you enjoy having a look around.

2 thoughts on “SJ WORKS FIRST AID ESSENTIALS – First aid kits REVIEW

  1. Thank you, Jazmin. I appreciate your time for sincerely products review. Hope SJ WORKS bicycle first aid kits add value to your family and help more people cycle around the city easily, safely and smartly.
    Love from SJ WORKS, Joan


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