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It’s been VERY quiet over here on FF and I think I should explain why. It’s not very exciting, just a general life getting in the way kinda thing.

1. We moved house. On the 18th of December we moved in to our new house and quite frankly it’s been nothing but bother. There’s been so many work men in and out, and about a million things have gone wrong. I won’t go in to detail, because this post would go on for days, but hopefully we’re coming to the end of this rough patch now. It has taken up a lot of my time since Christmas, and it’s also put me in a bit of a negative place so I’ve not really felt like writing.

2. The biggest moved schools. He’s taken to it like a duck to water, as I suspected he would, but it’s just been another thing taking up my head space. We are both settled in to our new routines now, and getting to know people in the school village (which is two villages away from our own, ours is teeny tiny and doesn’t even have a shop let alone a school!).

3. Money. We are poor! Not can’t-feed-the-children poor, but definitely can’t-buy-nice-things poor. As a result, I’ve not had any nice things to chat about on here!

Anyway – most of these problems are on their way out and this means I will be able to dedicate a bit more time and positive thinking to this website. So please keep an eye out for new posts, I have a few ideas floating around and I’m looking forward to getting them out there!

Thanks for taking the time to read this mini ramble. See you soon!

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I'm Jazmin. I'm 28 and a stay at home mum to three children. You can find me on Instagram & Facebook @thefamilyfavourites and Twitter @thefamilyfaves. I hope you enjoy having a look around.

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