1st Birthday Gift Guide.

Gift Guide first birthday

1st Birthday Gift Guide.

It’s just been Florence’s birthday so I’m in full present mode. I found it harder to buy for Florence because she has all of William and Elliot’s old stuff, so she didn’t get the majority of the things in this post because she already has a variation of it or there is no space for it. But this post will be filled with things I’ve bought and loved in the past, and things that I would absolutely recommend for a first birthday.



Smart Trike.

trike William had one of these for his first birthday and he loved it. I used to take him round the park on it and he was in his element. I think it felt a lot more fun than a pushchair but had the added bonus of keeping him contained. I really like that you can change it so it grows with your child. It makes for a really durable first birthday present.




Play Kitchen.

This seems like something that a 1 year old wouldn’t really get much use out of, but William and Elliot have the Ikea kitchen and she is in love with it! She really enjoys opening and closing the cupboards, putting food in to pans and stacking plates and cups. It will grow with your child as they learn different skills and their imagination expands, so it will be played with for years to come.

Shape Sorter.shape sorter1

Again this is the sort of toy that children seem to love for a long time. Younger babies enjoy taking the lid off to get to the blocks inside, while older children can figure out which shape goes in which hole, and they can use it to learn the names of shapes and colours too! I think shape sorters make a brilliant first birthday present.



Musical Instruments.instruments

This is probably the sort of present you should buy for another child, maybe one whose parents you don’t like. But kids will be kids, and kids love music and noise. So if you can happily sacrifice your peace and quiet (though lets face it, that is long gone by the time you have a one year old) then musical instruments are a perfect first birthday gift.


William was given a set of Julia Donaldson books for his first birthday. It was full of fantastic stories and we have since bought nearly all of her children’s books. They are firm favourites for all of my children and we still read them nearly every day. Good books will inspire your child and give them a love of reading that they will hopefully carry with them for the rest of their lives so they are a brilliant gift to get for a first birthday.

Ride on. ride on

Noisy? Yes. Terrifying? Yes. So what does this equal? A fabulous toy in the eyes of a one year old.



First pair of shoes.shoes

Not the most exciting of presents for the child but very exciting for the parent. First shoes are a very practical gift. Clarks are my favourite for first shoes, but I’ve heard that Start Rite are also very good.




Latch board. latch board

I came across these when William was a baby and I scoffed at the price and said I’d make one myself. I never did. I rediscovered the latch board when Elliot was a baby and once again I swore I’d make one myself rather than pay for it. I never did. I’ve learnt my lesson and ordered one for Florence. (This latch board is for children aged 3+ so it’s not meant for a 1 year old, but I plan on supervising Florence when she uses it to make sure nothing can cause her any harm).


A ball.

Fun to bounce and roll to each other. A good simple gift.


A Puppet.

Florence has a lion puppet. She adores it.


So there you are. My first birthday gift guide. I hope you’ve found it helpful and maybe it’s even given you a few ideas for your childs first birthday. Please let me know if you’ve enjoyed this post, and what presents your little one loved for their first birthday. Don’t forget to check out my instagram and twitter too! Jazmin x



Disclaimer: All images are taken from Amazon and the links are NOT affiliate links. I have no connection to Amazon or the companies that make these products and I have in no way been sponsored to write this post, or gifted any of the products. They are just things that I honestly recommend and have used for my children.


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