12 Ideas for Surviving Rainy Days with a Toddler

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12 Ideas for Surviving Rainy Days with a Toddler

As much as I adore Autumn, it does bring with it the absolute horror of RAINY DAYS AT HOME. Sure, in the morning a rainy day indoors sounds like a lovely idea, but by lunchtime when energy levels are through the roof and the noise level is creeping up you need to call upon your bank of entertainment ideas to keep you and your child/children sane. Here are some of the ways we spend rainy days at home. Hopefully you’ll find an idea or two helpful and please do comment with any of your own rainy day activities. New ideas are ALWAYS welcome in my house!


1. Crafting.
This is a pretty obvious one. Painting, drawing, sticking and cutting can keep a toddler entertained for hours on end. Elliot is a big fan of painting at the moment, so we get the paints out, cover the table with paper and he flicks paint around like it’s going out of fashion.


2. Colour and Shape spotting.
Pick a colour or a shape and try and find different examples of it around your home. Look under beds, in cupboards and on shelves and work as a team to see what you can find.


3. Baking.
Toddlers love baking. God knows why because they’re pretty bad at it, but they do. It doesn’t have to be fancy – check out this super easy cake recipe I wrote about last week. Rope them in to helping you weigh ingredients, let them mix everything together and then they can decorate their creations once they’re cooked and cooled.


4. Build a den.
Dining chairs, throws, tables and sofas. You can use almost anything to create a cosy den for your toddler to bunker down in. Throw in some comfy pillows to sit on and a few of their favourite toys and you should be able to bag yourself 5 minutes to have a cup of tea while they play.


5. Puddling jumping.
This is one that I really struggle to do. When it looks cold and wet and miserable outside the last thing I want to do is willingly step in to it, but I always feel better for getting out, whatever the weather. Children love making big splashes and it burns off some of that crazy energy they seem to have (I wish I had some of it to be honest). This year I’ve bought the children some waterproof trousers from Lidl so hopefully that will encourage me to get us all out and splashing when the rain comes.


6. Hide and Seek.
This game has always been a hit with my children. I don’t think it really needs much explaining. You hide, they seek. You hide better.. with chocolate.


7. Have an indoor picnic.
Pop a blanket down, get some snacky food together and a few little treats and eat your lunch on the floor together. I often tidy the kitchen and potter around while the children have lunch, but turning it in to a picnic makes it a bit more of an event. I find we all interact more when we’re eating together, and it kills a bit more time than a usual lunch would too.


8. Disco!
Put some of your favourite music on and dance away! You can have silly dance competitions and copy each others moves. It will lift your spirits and burn some energy. Plus it definitely counts as exercise, so that’s surely a bonus.


9. Clean the kitchen.
Stick with me on this one. I know it sounds strange. Toddlers love to help out. Toddlers like baby wipes. Combine the two and you have yourself a toddler who can wipe the fronts of cupboards while you do the rest. Channel your inner Mary Poppins and find the fun in everyday jobs so that your child can join in too.


10.  Set up a toy washing station.
A couple of towels and a bowl of soapy water will entertain a child for ages! We set up the toy car wash every now and then, and on occasion the dinosaurs and figures have their turn too.


11. Snuggle up and watch a film.
With Netflix, Amazon Prime, Sky etc it’s so easy to find something new to watch, and there’s nothing cosier on a rainy day than getting under a blanket and watching a film together. Put some popcorn in the microwave, make a hot chocolate and enjoy!


12. Have an indoor treasure hunt.
Hide little sweets, chocolates or toys and give your toddler simple clues to help them find whatever it is you’ve hidden. This can keep children entertained for ages!



I hope you’ve found these ideas helpful. Comment below with your own rainy day activites and don’t forget to follow me on Instagram and Twitter!



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