Super Easy Cake Recipe to Bake with Children

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Super Easy Cake Recipe to Bake with Children

This is my go to cake recipe. I use it every time I want to make a bog standard sponge cake. It’s super easy, really quick and great fun to make with children.

You will need –

2 or 3 Eggs (You’ll see why later)Cake ingredients

Self raising flour.

Caster sugar.

Stork or equivalent spread. (You can use butter, but your cake will be a bit more dense for it).

1 tsp Vanilla extract.

A splash of milk if necessary.


For the beady eyed reader you’ll notice that the flour, sugar and Stork don’t have weights. That’s because all you have to do is weigh your eggs in their shells, and then match your other ingredients to the weight of your shelled eggs.

2 eggs weighing approx 150g will make 12 fairy cakes. 3 eggs weighing approx 200g will make 18 fairy cakes/12 muffin size cakes or 2 x 8 inch cakes.

So now you’ve weighed your eggs and matched your other ingredients to that weight, just chuck everything in a bowl, whizz it together with a handheld whisk (or whatever it is that you use), add in a splash of milk if you think your batter is a bit too thick and pop it in to cake cases or greased and lined tins.

Cook at gas mark 6 (or 200 F) for 12 minutes for fairy cakes, or about 18 minutes for 8 inch tins.

You’ll know if your cakes are done when they feel springy to the touch and a skewer inserted 2 inches in from the edge comes out clean. Then you are free to decorate them however you see fit. I like to fill a sponge cake with freshly whipped cream and strawberries and dust with icing sugar, or let the children go wild with coloured icing and sprinkles on fairy cakes.

And that is it! It really is that simple. I’ll link a video below to show you that I’m not just pulling your leg.

I hope you enjoy this recipe. Leave a comment below if you give this a go, I’d love to know how your creations turn out.


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