6 Weeks Of Summer

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6 Weeks Of Summer

The holidays are coming! And I don’t mean that in a joyful coca cola sing song way. I mean it in an “Oh, shit” sort of way. I’ve conquered many a parenting mountain so far but it’s all been in training for this. My first 6 week holidays with three children. Even writing it down sends me in to a low level state of anxiety.

Don’t get me wrong, I adore the little horrors. At night when we put them to bed I am genuinely excited for the next day, but this feels like a whole different game. I am a bit of a control freak and I like things to run smoothly, so I’m planning my little socks off for the 44 days of summer that lie ahead. Obviously they all enjoy different things, they range in age from nearly 6 to only 8 months old, so I’ve got to try and find activities that will entertain them all. Some of the things I have in mind are:

A holiday. We’re going to a family cottage in the UK for a week. It’s no sunny all inclusive 5* resort, but it’s a holiday and a whole week of TEAM PARENTING so that is always good news.

Bike riding. We have the cycling bug! William has been reluctant to learn to ride a bike so far but he has a new bike that he loves so he is all about cycling now (with stabilisers, we’re working on that bit). Elliot and Florence both have seats to go on the back of mine and Rob’s bikes, so we will be off adventuring as often as we can.

Making use of free activities. We have gold cards for our local zoo which means we can go there for a couple of hours here and there. As well as the animals there’s a few different parks and a soft play. The children love it and it’s completely free!

The beach. Luckily we don’t live too far from the seaside so we will be spending some time there over the summer. Again, it’s free and outdoorsy, both things that I love. We’ll probably collect some shells, do a spot of fossil hunting and try to stop the baby from eating all the sand. Sounds fun, right?

Crafting. We don’t get much of a chance to make things and paint things and generally make a mess, so I’ve been saving up little cereal boxes and scraps of cardboard so we can throw together some sort of crafty… thing. I wonder who will cry first.

Baking. I’ve always loved baking with the kids. Or to be more truthful, I like baking while the kids watch (see above control freak mention). But this year I am going to try and RELAX a bit about the whole baking thing and see what we can cook up.

The Library. Our local library runs a reading challenge every summer holidays where the children read 6 books and then they’re given a little certificate and medal. William adores reading so this will be right up his street. They have a version for younger children too so Elliot will be able to join in.


So that’s about all I have thought of so far. How are you going to entertain your children during the summer holidays? Seasoned school parents, do you have any tips for keeping everyone sane? Or are you a newbie to the school holiday thing like I am?






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I'm Jazmin. I'm 28 and a stay at home mum to three children. You can find me on Instagram & Facebook @thefamilyfavourites and Twitter @thefamilyfaves. I hope you enjoy having a look around.

2 thoughts on “6 Weeks Of Summer

  1. Sounds like you’ve got a few plans there and I’m sure you’re children will have a great time. We’ve got a few days in Venice planned, a few in London sightseeing with the boys, bowling, cinema, a family wedding in York, and a few days at home. It’s jam-packed but it’ll be great. Of course I will be glad to see the start of the school year in September! 😉


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