Primary School Uniform for Boys

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Primary School Uniform for Boys

Last September my biggest started primary school and seeing as I’d never sent a child to school before I was a bit clueless about what to kit him out with. I searched the web, asked around and came up with a list of items from different shops that have done him really well over the year. Here are my recommendations for boys primary school uniform.

Sainsbury’s Polo shirts From £3.50 for 3.

These shirts are really nice, they’re light, soft and easy to iron. They don’t have the fancy accolades of the stain resistant, or easy iron shirts but in my opinion they’re just as good and for half the price. Get two packs.  Kids are pretty messy creatures.

Sainsbury’s school jumpers.  From £4.00 for 2.

The crew neck jumpers are lovely and soft. They wash well and haven’t faded much over the year. Plus they’re a bargain at £4.00 for 2! (They were largely ignored in favour of school logo’d jumpers but that’s just because my child is a fuss bag). I found 4 jumpers was plenty.

Sainsbury’s shorts. From £7.00 for 2 pairs (Can you tell which supermarket is closest?)

Last year I bought these shorts without cargo pockets because they were the only shorts available in my sons size. This year I’ve bought shorts with cargo pockets, mainly because I was bitter I didn’t get to buy them last year. Plus, children really like pockets. I love them. They’re great quality and iron really easily. I found two pairs was enough as they didn’t seem to get as grubby as trousers.

M&S Slim fit trousers.  From £11.00 for 2 pairs.

These were the only trousers I found that sat nicely on my slim little boy. Other trousers swamped him. They still look as good as new at the end of his reception year. The knees are all in tact and there are no pocket holes or scuff marks. I bought 4 pairs of these and never had any issues with not having a clean pair.

Clarks shoes.

These shoes are so sturdy. They’ve got two velcro straps and they have a rubber covered toe so the front of the shoe doesn’t come away or get scuffed to bits. They’ve survived most of the school year without looking too ropey. Plus they’ve got dinosaurs on which is pretty cool.


Stickins name labels.

These are fantastic! They stick on to the washing label of clothes which is just grand as far as i’m concerned, life is too short to sew name labels in to school uniform. I bought 30 when my son started school and I still have a few left. They haven’t budged all year and I’ll be buying these for as long as my children are in school!


Socks, vests and pants were bought from whichever supermarket I happened to be passing through (it was probably Sainsbury’s), and his P.E kit was a supermarket cheapy too. It only came home once a term to be washed so I didn’t really see the point in shelling out too much on it.

What are you getting your children for their school uniform? Are they heading in to reception or are you seasoned uniform buyers? Let me know in the comments below!


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2 thoughts on “Primary School Uniform for Boys

  1. My daughter is going into year 6, I’ve always bought cheap as she wears things out or grows out of them too fast or loses them. She moaned about not having a pocket in her blouse and all the other girls did. So we went to M&S this year. Her skirts are age 15 from next! She’s 10! And her underwear is just Asda but we need another trip to M&S to get her measured now. She’s growing up 😔. She has shoes from Red or Dead. Expensive but a lovely style and fit and will hopefully see the year out. X


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