What to pack in a hospital bag

Hospital bag checklist what to pack newborn baby hospital stay mum mother postnatal

What to pack in a hospital bag

This is the exact list I have used for all 3 babies. All my births have been different, I’ve had one overnight stay on the post natal ward, one night time labour followed by a day in hospital with a 9pm discharge and one in and out in 5 hours birth. I’ve had an autumn, winter and summer baby. The list hasn’t failed me yet.

For Mum.

  1. Nighty to give birth in – button down for skin to skin.
  2. Swim wear if you want to get in the birth pool,
  3. Dressing gown – dark is best because post birth is not pretty.
  4. 5 pack of big knickers – The comfier and bigger the better if you ask me.
  5. Nursing bras.
  6. Pyjamas – Take ones with a loose waist band in case you have a c section.
  7. Hair brush.
  8. Hair tie/clips/anything to keep it out your face.
  9. Toiletries – I packed anything I’d want for an overnight stay.
  10. A dark towel.
  11. Flip flops or slippers depending on time of year.
  12. Socks.
  13. A going home outfit – I went for joggers and a big jumper all three times.
  14. Ginormous maternity pads – Boots ones are brilliant.
  15. Your maternity notes.
  16. Phone charger.
  17. Camera.
  18. Tens machine – They are the best. I promise.
  19. Snacks and energy drinks.

For baby.

  1. 3 x vests in newborn.
  2. 3 x sleepsuits in newborn.
  3. 3 x vests and sleepsuits again in tiny baby or 0-3 depending on expected baby size.
  4. 10 size 1 nappies.
  5. Wipes – cotton wool and water isn’t necessary. Especially when you’re dealing with the horror that is meconium. Elliot did that all over me during our ‘skin to skin’ time. There was no cotton wool and water in the world that was going to clean us up.
  6. Hat.
  7. Cardigan.
  8. Blanket.
  9. Car seat.
  10. Ready made bottles if not breastfeeding – Most brands do a starter pack with about 10 glass bottles of formula with sterilised packaged teats.

If you have to stay in hospital longer then obviously you’ll need more than what is on this list. I liked to pack lightly because I knew I could send Rob home if we needed anything else. We only live 10 minutes away from our local hospital though, so if you’re further away then you’ll probably want to pack more just in case.

I Hope this helps anyone struggling with packing their hospital bags.

P.S. Please excuse the purple looking baby in the photo above. She shot out and it left her quite bruised for a few days. I was blind to it. The midwife told me she had some ‘facial congestion’ and I had no idea what she was talking about – Florence looked absolutely perfect to me. Looking back though…..


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