Out’n’About Nipper 360 v4 Double

Out'n'about nipper 360 double pushchair review green

Out’n’About Nipper 360 v4 Double


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I have an Out n About Nipper 360 single pushchair. I bought it when Elliot was 3 months old for a holiday we had planned in the Lake District and I think i’ll probably keep it forever and ever. When we found out we were expecting F the Nipper double was the obvious choice considering how much I adore the single version. I blindly ordered it from the internet without having even seen one in the flesh. I put all my faith in what I thought would be the holy grail of double pushchairs.

And I really loved it. As soon as it arrived I popped the boys in it and gave it a test run around my kitchen. As I expected, it pushed like a dream. It was light and responsive and I loved it for all the reasons that I loved my single.

It didn’t see the light of day again until Florence was born. We first took it out when she was a few days old and we had to pop in to town to register her. As we walked around town the air tires absorbed every bump in the pavement and the huge front wheel made it really easy to get up and down kerbs. The adjustable handlebar meant my husband and I could both use it easily and the big sun shades were brilliant too. We also had the extra shopping basket so we had loads of storage space and we thought we were good to go. But it just didn’t cut it when it got to putting a toddler and a newborn in together.

We’d bought the carrycot to go with it so F was in that while Elliot was in the seat next to her. The carrycot seemed flimsy, the apron was attached by velcro and didn’t seem to quite fit properly. The adaptor to put the carrycot on was quite loose and the carrycot itself seemed to sit at an incline. The regular seat left Elliot looking very squashed and the seat base also seemed to tilt backwards slightly so he wasn’t very comfortable. It was a struggle to get around in shops and through doors and to be honest I absolutely hated it. I put it on ebay fairly soon after that trip and replaced it with an Icandy peach. (P.s, that was still not the holy grail – but i’ll talk about that another day).

For all it’s faults, it is a brilliant double. It’s probably the best side by side pushchair going. It’s smooth and light and it looks good too. Unfortunately it just didn’t work for our smaller age gap. Or our chubby toddler. I think it would be brilliant for older twins or for using once your youngest is out of the newborn stage and can comfortably sit in the main seat. However, I just found it too wide and not comfortable enough for either of my children.


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