Tula Baby Carrier Review

Tula Baby Carrier Review

  I bought my Tula for Elliot when he was around 9 months old after seeing it mentioned on a Youtube video. I think we managed one trip out with it and then wham, knocked up with baby F. I could hardly use it by the time I was 3 months pregnant so it didn’t get much of a test run with him. Since F has been born, the Tula has been used more than I ever thought it would be! 

The Tula can be used from newborn with an additional insert for babies under 6 months. The inserts are around £30 and come in grey or black to match your Tula. The insert has two parts, a cushion that the baby sits on, and a wrap around back support that Velcros on to the cushion. The cushion boosts them so they are higher in the carrier, and the back piece supports your babies head and gives the Tula more structure. Once your baby has full head control you can move to just using the cushion, and then when your baby is tall enough you can use the Tula solo. 

It goes on like a back to front backpack. You put the waist belt on first with the fastening at the front and the fabric panel at the back. You then swivel it round, pop your baby in and put the shoulder straps on while supporting your baby with your free hand. It has an adjustable strap that connects the two shoulder straps and this secures it further and helps even the weight distribution. The straps are all adjustable and will fit anyone of any size.

I find it really comfortable to wear and easy to adjust. You can carry your baby on your front for as long as they fit in the Tula, or on your back from 12 months old. It comes in loads of beautiful patterns which is such a bonus as a lot of baby carriers can look pretty boring. I chose the archer print for mine. It has a little cover that goes over the babies head if they’re sleeping or if it’s sunny and they need a bit of shade. It clips on to the shoulder straps and is a really great additional feature.

For older children you can buy the toddler Tula, which can be used from 18 months. I haven’t used one of these but the only difference is the size of the fabric panel used to support the child. The regular Tula can be used up to around age 2, though if you do baby wear your toddler a lot then I imagine it’d be handy to have and probably be a bit more comfortable for your child. 



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